Big changes ahead?

Uncertainty is one of the hardest parts of change. Whether you’re heading down a new path on your own or creating a different life for your children, knowing where you’re going and how you’ll get there is essential. Your family law attorney helps you determine a sound path and move forward with confidence.

Your California Certified Family Law Specialist in San Luis Obispo

Our firm helps clients navigate divorce and resolves issues related to support, child custody and visitation. We handle complex litigation including cases with hostile custody disputes, multiple jurisdictions, or high-value assets at stake.

Protect your rights. Protect your children. Protect your assets. Protect your future.

The Benefits of Having Edward L. Somogyi by Your Side




Some Words From Our Clients

"What can I say about DIVORCE? I certainly don't recommend it but if you have to go through it, Ed Somogyi is one of the best attorneys to help you with a "Dissolution of Marriage." I found him to be a good listener and a quick study of the situation at hand. He deals with problems and court deadlines as they arise with confidence and professionalism. I don't care what the fees are, if you have an inefficient or ineffective attorney you will suffer. Ed Somogyi is direct and abruptly adept at dealing with the opposition and the court, so time and money are not wasted... EVER. This attorney's staff is amazing. They NEVER miss a deadline or send Mr. Somogyi to court without meticulous preparation. So with all of this being said, I highly recommend Edward Somogyi especially if you have a troublemaker on the other side. He has tremendous integrity and intelligence, he gets the job done."

– Deanne Daily, Templeton, CA
Some Words From Our Clients

Mr. Somogyi came highly recommended by my corporate attorney. He kept everything in order, kept me focused, and was a stickler on paperwork. He is tenacious. I learned to let him do his work and not second guess him, because he knows the system and how things need to be done. As a business and property owner, I needed to protect assets and maintain consistent income. He’s sharp with numbers and knows when, where and how to read between the lines or dig deeper. He doesn’t waste words or time. He can seem gruff. But he was on my side. I trust him and I recommend him. He’s the guy who got me through it."

– Marion Todd, Paso Robles, CA
Some Words From Our Clients
“He’s not the kind of guy who will hold your hand or pat you on the shoulder, but he really does care. He shows he cares by focusing on the things that will resolve your case with the best outcomes. He has my gratitude and respect.”
– SC, San Luis Obispo, CA